Nicollet County, Minnesota




Belgrade Township Culvert Policy (Revised July 2019)

 The Belgrade Township Board has developed the following policy that must be followed when a new culvert is installed in Belgrade Township:

  • You must request permission from Belgrade Township before installation of any culvert. This may be done by mail, email or phone to the Township Clerk. You will be given a Culvert Policy Form to be signed by you and a board supervisor prior to installation.
  • You are responsible for the cost of the culvert and all installation costs. Culverts may be purchased through Nicollet County. Culverts may also be purchased elsewhere, such as: Menards, Fleet Farm or Blue Earth County.
  • If you are purchasing a culvert through Nicollet County, the clerk will notify them that you will be purchasing a culvert. Culverts must be prepaid. You are responsible for transporting the culvert.
  • Any culvert placed in the ditch right of way must be a minimum of 15" in diameter and have an apron installed on each end.
  • The culvert must be either steel or double walled plastic.
  • No culvert may be put in downstream smaller than any upstream culvert.
  • Culvert will have 4:1 slope around the apron in all directions.
  • Upon completion of any culvert installation, the Township Board must be notified for final inspection and approval.
  • Any culvert that is installed and does not meet these specifications will be removed and replaced by the landowner or fixed by the Township at the landowner's expense.
  • If your driveway culvert needs replacing, you must go through the process described above.


B E F O R E   I N S T A L L A T I O N

I _______________________­­­­­__________________ , will follow the Belgrade Township Culvert Policy when installing a new culvert on my property.                                               

Resident ___________________________________________ Date ___________

Supervisor _________________________________________ has met with the resident at the location of the culvert placement. A Payment of $____________________________ for the culvert (if purchasing through Nicollet County) was given to the township.

Supervisor __________________________________________  Date _____________


A F T E R   I N S T A L L A T I O N

Belgrade Township Board Supervisor _______________________________ has inspected the culvert installation and is satisfied with the adherence to the Culvert Policy set forth by the Belgrade Town Board.

Supervisor __________________________________  Date ______________